TL and LTL

TL and LTL - Instico Logistics
TL and LTL - Instico LogisticsWhen it comes to optimizing your regional, inter-regional or longhaul TL and LTL shipments, the more options available generally means more potential combinations for savings.  And from the moment your freight crosses the dock leveler, you can be assured that InstiCo is working to keep your transportation costs down and your assets protected by matching each load with the appropriate equipment and the optimal route.

TL and LTL - Instico LogisticsBut what if your shipments are less than those needed for full TL pricing?  InstiCo Logistics offers flexible, reliable LTL service to help you be informed about your options and make the best possible decisions regarding your transportation.  Our LTL experts assist you in navigating your way through the often times perplexing LTL classifications and their confusing pricing structure to make informed choices.

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