No matter what your intermodal strategy might call for – truck plus rail, rail plus air, ocean plus rail – InstiCo Logistics provides hundreds of combinations to help create efficiencies in your supply and reduce emissions often times at a lower investment point than simply a truck only transportation model.  Our intermodal experts can leverage their relationships with all railroad classes and other modals in order to ensure you have precisely the equipment you need, when you need it.  With the best combinations of rates and equipment, InstiCo can reduce transportation deviations and risks all while providing peace of mind with our extensive tracking capabilities.

  • Reduce operating costs and fuel usage
  • Greener way to ship
  • Inbound and outbound transportation options
  • Access to thousands of carriers and containers

If you’re looking for rail expertise to help hedge against pricing fluctuations across other transportation methods, contact us today for a no obligation quote for your next shipment and try the InstiCo difference.

Intermodal - Instico Logistics  Intermodal - Instico Logistics

Contact us for an intermodal plan that is built to your individual specifications.