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Our Start - Instico Logistics

Our Start

InstiCo Freight Management, Inc., founded in 2011, is a Dallas-based, third party logistics provider that offers a variety of freight management, transportation, and logistics solutions to customers across the globe.  And at InstiCo, we know your application is as unique as you are.  That’s why we are wholly dedicated to providing unmatched attention to detail through our individually tailored solutions while providing our customers ongoing industry knowledge and process improvement.

Our Start - Instico Logistics   Our Start - Instico Logistics

As a non-asset based provider, our extensive logistics network of flatbed, dry van, temperature-controlled and specialized equipment offers our customers virtually an infinite number of combinations to ensure optimized delivery at competitive prices. Our teams of specialists apply their industry-specific expertise to offer the most appropriate solutions for your business while helping to mitigate risks and supply chain disruptions.

So whether you’re moving strawberries, plastic bottles, or earth-excavating equipment, InstiCo has the know-how to get your shipment where you need it, when you need it, as efficiently as possible.

Fully licensed, bonded and insured above all federal DOT requirements, and offering upwards of 50 years of transportation experience, InstiCo can provide you the peace-of-mind you’re seeking when shipping your (or your customers’) assets.

Our Start - Instico Logistics Our Start - Instico Logistics

Your Success is Our Success. Contact us today for a no-obligation quote for your next shipment and try the InstiCo difference.