Building on our three core values are our Guiding Principles. These values guide us in every action and decision we make and help define our corporate ethos.


Respect – We respect our employees and their needs come before those of our customers. Without employees, we won’t have any customers. We respect each other, and other people.  Mutual respect allows us to create a corporate culture that is non-judgmental, promotes open communication, enhances teamwork, and develops leaders who are respected coaches and mentors.

Responsibility – The responsibility of solving customers’ problems belongs to everyone. We place no limits on employee initiative in serving customers. We must each be trustworthy and accountable to reliably serve the needs of the customer and each other.

Teamwork –  We are all in this together, and TEAMWORK is closely tied to RESPECT. As long as we work together, there is no limit to the possibilities. The sum of our collaborative efforts is much larger than the sum of our individual efforts and in this manner our customers are best served.

Creativity: Fulfilling our customers’ needs is the most important ingredient of our corporate wellbeing. Our collective creativity generates solutions for our customers and is the essence of differentiating us from our competitors.

Flexibility – The work we do can change rapidly and with unforeseen circumstances. To be effective, we must be able to change as necessary to accomplish the mission and “DELIVER ON EVERY COMMITMENT.” “The way it’s always been done” is NEVER the right answer. We must be an organization that is flexible, willing to learn, create and harness new ideas, embrace new technologies, and adapt to the new environments.

Loyalty – We are loyal to each other and to our customers.  We honor their secrets and confidences and earn their respect and loyalty in return.

Community Service – We operate globally and we do not exist in isolation. We live and operate in communities. In order to provide good service to our customers, we MUST be responsible members of the communities in which we operate. We pledge to conduct ourselves in a most responsible manner in each community.